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Jan 9, 2019

All SEO Tutorial for Beginners

Digital Marketing strategies involve many things through which you can promote your requirements digitally. This can be done through SEO(Search Engine Optimization), content marketing, social marketing, SEM(Search Engine Marketing), PPC(pay per click) and many other activities. Every process has its own significance and way.
But in this article, we would eventually focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in depth. Nowadays SEO is proved to be the most significant option when we want to promote our website ranking in the search engine results.

What is SEO?
SEO is Search Engine Optimization that is a well-known strategy nowadays to generate traffic. When specifically molded into words SEO is “the process of affecting a website’s visibility in the search engine’s unpaid results.”

Hence, when a website is made it is developed for getting the maximum clinks so that eventually it can be the highest position on the search engine. However, this might not a very easy task as millions of web page or websites are generated that provide the same sort of data.
So, it is really necessary to work on a planned strategy so that you could achieve the Google algorithms criteria to get ranked among the top searches. When something is searched over the search engine the website that achieved the maximum relevant clicks is placed at the top and getting your website at the top increase your chance to deliver the website content to the maximum audience.

With the increasing use of search engines by people, there are many factors that affect ranking. And so, Google has updated a lot of things to rank a website. Google always search for the most relevant information that provides the maximum accuracy and precise content with maximum information and these criteria’s are achieved by using SEO services.
There are many things that are considered before getting a website into the search list of users:
  •  High accuracy and applicable information to the user’s query.
  • By crawling the content with Google algorithms to check whether the content matches the search criteria basically by the keywords used.
  • Quality of content on each web page linked to your home page of for website as a whole.
Also, with the increasing competition among websites Google focuses on many other factors:

1. How is your website viewed? ( whether the searcher find the relevant data or the searcher gets back for another link or maybe stay at your website)

2. Website loading speed and also how responsive the website is (mobile friendliness).

3. Identifying for the real or duplicate content.
For instance, when we search for any topic over Google the number of results produced for the particular search is in the decreasing order of all the factors mentioned above.

For example,
If we search for the best catering services there will be a large number of results produced that comes in the list in the decreasing order of their relevancy. As the clicks on the website increase with an increase in the amount of time searcher stay on your website. The average duration for which visitor stay on your website is 4 minutes 6 second. As shown in the image below:
what is seo search engine optimization
SEO Effect in Search Engine

Now, there comes another question that how search engine knows what information is to be shown at which search by the user. Here comes the role of a keyword.

Top Selling Books for SEO Beginners
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2. The ULTIMATE Step-by-Step SEO Book

3.SEO for beginners: Learn how I rank my sites on Google

4.Seo Guide

5. 2018 SEO Handbook for Beginners

6. SEO Video Tutorials (DVD)

SEO Keywords

Keywords are the words that define the type of content and give the searcher about the purpose of the content. Keywords are the one that is responsible for your search engine ranking as a keyword is a backbone for representing your content to the audience.
Types of Keywords

Short Tail Keywords
This category of keywords is generic and can be used as such anywhere and is more frequently used when compared to the long tail keyword. For example, if you are working for a hat shop then “hats” is an example of a short tail keyword that carries only one word.

Long Tail Keywords
Another category of keywords is long tail keywords that are more particular and contain more than one word. Taking the above example again if the keyword is for a hat shop long tail keyword can be like “round hats for girls”.

Top Search Engines
Search Engine is a tool based on the web that helps you to collect or help you to know the information worldwide. Every search engine uses different strategies to create searches and the results are shown as SERP(Search Engine Result Pages).
1. Google
2. Yahoo
3. Bing
4. Baidu
5. DuckDuckgo
Top SEO Companies
With the growing advancement through the internet every business, wholesaler or retailer develop their website to get more market attention as every business have a tough competition nowadays. There are many companies that can work for the website to get maximum traffic on the website hence making it in the top searches on search engines.

In India, there are some of the top SEO companies that produce effective results in improving your site ranking :

1. Zebra Techies Solution, Kolkata
2. SEOValley Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Bhopal
3. Bruce Clay Inc., Gurgaon
4. EZ Rankings, Noida Popular SEO Tools
When you are working on any website for SEO, you will require a number of tools that could make your research and other stuff easier.

1. Ahrefs: This is a research and analysis tool that provides you with a search explorer that helps you to search content on any topic or keyword.

2. Long Tail Pro: This is another tool used for keyword research and is a paid tool.
3. SEM Rush: This is a very effective tool used by almost every SEO Analyst for research of keywords and also competitor research. It provides you the facility to check your competitor in 20 different ways.

4. LinkMiner: This tool is used for link building purpose. This helps you to know the facebook pulls, DA, PA etc.