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Jan 22, 2019

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Types of SEO

SEO is Search Engine Optimization that is a well-known strategy nowadays to generate traffic. When specifically molded into words SEO is “the process of affecting a website’s visibility in the search engine’s unpaid results.”

Hence, when a website is made it is developed for getting the maximum clinks so that eventually it can be the highest position on the search engine. However, this might not a very easy task as millions of web page or websites are generated that provide the same sort of data. If you want to know What is SEO in detail then you can visit our previous article. Here in this article, we will discuss Types of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
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Types of SEO Everyone have new techniques and schemes to promote their business through internet marketing. And, to give a tough competition in the market every business is getting attracted to the website promotion of their products and services so that they can compete in this era.

Hence, when people build websites for their brand names and products the struggles to promote the website get started. Nowadays every business is getting a wider reach over the internet and so generating traffic to the website becomes the foremost priority for the business person.
There are major four types of SEO that are aimed at increasing the search engine visibility of a website. 

1. White Hat 
2. Black Hat 
3. Grey Hat 
4. Negative

SEO When we discuss all of the above types it is important to go through the major points that differentiate all of them.

Black Hat SEO

This is a type of SEO process that works faster because this SEO technique relies on taking shortcuts. Also, it is simpler because is not very expensive as we use the copy. Black hat SEO is not advised in the Google Guidelines as it is not the right way to get your Search Engine Optimization done. But still many of the people use this method to rank their website in the search engine top list. 
Black SEO is not a legal practice and is also considered a crime. Black hat SEO generally involves building backlinks and also buying them to get better ranking in the search engines. As we are aware of the growing competition in each and every sector nowadays and so is the business sector. People are now engaged in growing their income in every possible way even using the unfair means to do so. Black hat SEO is also against the search engine guidelines and can be eliminated to the lowest ranking if detected. 

Techniques in Black Hat SEO
There are various techniques to promote content in Black hat SEO such as:
Keyword Stuffing
It generally involves adding irrelevant keywords. This is generally to increase and detect the ranking of the particular keyword and adding them to places where they add no value.
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Cloaking is another way used in Black hat SEO, this involves showing some content to the users and some other content to the search engine crawlers.

Poor Quality Content
This practice involves showing the content that does not matches the searcher’s need. This is also the type of content that is been copied from some other sites. But, now we can detect the duplicate content with some google tools to avoid this practice in Black Hat SEO.
White Hat SEO
White Hat SEO is just opposite to that of Black Hat SEO and is typically used as it is the most time-consuming process. White hat SEO involves all the processes that do not affect the search engine terms of service.

This method of increasing the search engine ranking is legal and is followed on the basis of Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). White Hat SEO focuses on the right content, the fast loading of web pages, mobile friendliness and also using relevant and descriptive keywords.
As getting your website ranked on the best search engine used by uncountable users per day, Google is a boon to boost your website and business. And yes, implementing your website is ethical as it does not cause any harm to your website.

Techniques in White Hat SEO 
There are many techniques used in White hat SEO which include: 1) Unique and relevant page titles
2) Well-labeled images.
3) Relevant links and references.
4) Relevant content.

Grey Hat SEO
This is another type that is not anything like white hat SEO or Black Hat SEO but grey hat involves both white and black hat SEO. Grey hat SEO uses ethical and technical methods to improve your site ranking. This type of SEO technique is not very ethical but does not contain the risk to be banned.
Negative SEO
This is another type of SEO that directly refers to the process of causing harm to your website to affect your website ranking. Negative SEO can affect your website in a number of ways:
  • Direct your website to some spam links 
  • Hacking your website 
  • Using your content (original) and distributing it all over the internet. 
  • Decreasing your website fame by creating a fake profile and ruin it online
Hence, it is important to secure your website from such worse effects by using these techniques:

1) Google webmaster email alerts – This will help you get informed about the negative activities affecting your website by sending you a message to your inbox.
2) Securing website from malware – If your website is designed using word press, ensure your security by using Google Authenticator Plugin.
Small Business SEO
If you are thinking to start a new business, then be aware are you ready to face the vast competition? Are you aware of the strategies to grow your business? If not, you are absolutely on the right page. This is a short guide on the points to focus on the process of promoting your website.

The major tool used nowadays is to promote a business using SEO and to implement different SEO techniques you must have a website that consists of all your products and services. Being a small business just focus on some basic things to implement in your SEO strategy:
1) Content Marketing
2) On page SEO
3) Link Building

How is SEO helpful for small business?
SEO basically helps your website to get a wider approach and also makes it easier for the consumers to know about your product and price according to their convenience. Thus, choosing SEO provider that fits into your budget as well as assures you improved website rankings is a must.