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Dec 3, 2018

What is Google Pay (Tez) & How to Refer and Earn in Google Pay?

How to Earn money using Google Pay or Tez  How to transfer money using Google pay or Tez
All about Google Pay (Tez)
How to Refer and Earn in Google Pay
Google Pay is the most advanced and fastest payment method by Google which is used all over the world and is the most popular software to transfer money online.

It was initially released on September 11, 2015 (as Android Pay) and re-modified on January 8, 2018 (as Google Pay). Firstly, it was known as Android Pay. Android Pay was launched by Google in September 2015 in the US and May 2016 in the UK. But Google wanted to do something different as it has always done.
transfer money online  How to recharge mobile online using Google Pay or Tez  How to pay online bill using Google Pay or Tez
So, finally, in February 2018, it introduced out an update to Android Pay and changed the name to Google Pay along with introducing some new functionalities, hence making the service more essential and easy to use.
Google Wallet, when combined with Android Pay along with inculcating its functionalities and services, has resulted in the introduction of Google Pay which has proven to be the easiest and convenient solution to transfer money online.

Now, let us have a detailed look at what Google Pay is and to use it to refer friends and earn money.
What is Google Pay?
A whole new payments method by Google which allows online payment for easy transfer of payments directly from one bank account to another. It is a one-stop solution for everything from vouchers, purchases, passes, payment methods and much much more.
 How to transfer money online  How to recharge mobile online using Google Pay or Tez  How to pay online bill using Google Pay or Tez
Image by Google
The tech giant - Google is working on bringing Google Pay to all Google products and has also achieved success, so the happy news is: whether you’re shopping on Chrome or with Google Assistant or through any other platform, you’ll have a consistent checkout experience, using the cards saved to your Google Account.
Imagine how flexible it is for every one of us to efficiently and securely transfer money online; All thanks to Google. Google Pay allows you to send and receive money at zero fees. Yes that’s very true - you don’t have to pay anything extra for sending money to
someone unlike on other untrusted and inconvenient online payment platforms.

And the best part is the money is sent or received straight away in your bank account. Easy?
Yes, obviously it is. Easy and convenient as well.

Now, you must have heard about Tez and must have often wondered what actually it is and how it is related to Google Pay
Don’t worry and there is no point of getting confused as we are here to tell what Tez is. Tez is an online payment service under Google Pay launched exclusively in India for ease of online payments and since its launch, has consistently been adding
new functionalities and several different payment methods in the Tez app.
When Tez was launched, it was largely aimed at bank-based payments but Google soon added bill and utility payments to the service. But now it is a complete solution for online payments and has emerged as the most sought out option to transfer and pay
money online.

This was all about Google Pay and Tez and how it has evolved.
So, are you excited to earn money?
Well, who isn’t…
We are here to tell you a simple method to earn a few bucks and that simple method is referring to friends on Tez and earning money. Excited, are you?
Ok, let us have a look at how can you refer friends on Tez and earn money easily.
Refer and Earn on Tez
To quickly earn money through Tez Payment app, follow the steps given below:

● Simply, you need to register your phone number which is linked to your bank account

● Now, Add your bank account

● Click on “Pay using the phone or account number, QR or UPI ID or any other option” Tap on “Invite Friends to Tez” given at the bottom section of the app

● Share your referral link using WhatsApp, Messenger or any other messaging platform.

● If your friends install Tez App from your link and make their first payment, you will earn ₹51 too.
Free bucks… Yeah!!!
That’s very simple!
(Note: Earning amount may be increase or decrease)
So, there’s no point of wasting time. Install the Tez App now to earn money by referring friends along with getting amazing promotions and offers in your app.