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Nov 16, 2018

What is Software and Types of Software or Explain System & Application Software

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Types of Software
What is a Software?
A Software can be thought of as a set of programs or a sequence of instructions which runs on hardware to tell the computer what needs to be done. Software, as the term says is something which can neither be touched or felt.

The software is the programming part of a computer which is responsible to establish a user interface with the hardware so as to maintain smooth functionality and requires instructing the computer step by step to complete the desired task. Softwares are intangible part of the systems and a computer may not function without software. Software programs accomplish the task required by the user and use the underlying hardware for this purpose.
A Computer Software is a program that instructs the computer hardware in order for the end users to interact with the monitor. It includes operating systems, word processors and media player.

Every program which is installed in the monitor needs Software. So, you can see how essential software is-

Software functions do user's specified work and control the hardware as well. It helps the users to view information on the monitor and also interacts with the user by using input and output devices.
The software is divided into 2 types:
1. System Software
2. Application Software

Let’s discuss each of the category above in detail.

System Software It includes the operating system and any other program that supports the application software.

Tricky is it?

Ok, basically A system software is something that controls the whole system from the functioning of hardware to input/output devices - It controls everything.

It is the program that is developed by the programmers to perform all the system tasks which are done with hardware.
For example - Operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS are the software which operates the computer hardware to make user interface between a computer and the user. System software is classified in 2 types:

1. Operating System
It is the main program or software which instructs the hardware what to do and how to do. Without an operating system, a computer will never ever work.

It controls a hardware’s functioning and gives it the instructions to perform various tasks. An operating system is the most vital part of computer architecture and has an immeasurable capability. It does variety and variety of tasks together and that too, efficiently.

The example of operating systems is Windows, Linux, and DOS, Android, iOS etc.
2. Language Translator
A Language translator basically acts as a mediator between user and computer i.e. Language translator converts the user-language into machine language that is understandable to the computer. Language translator is of many different types such as interpreter, compiler and utility software.

- An Interpreter converts each line one at a time into machine language and human readable language.

- A Compiler converts the whole document into machine language and human readable language in one go.

- Utility software are those that are used to perform various tasks in
a computer such as Anti-virus scanning, etc.
Application Software
The Softwares used by the user for day-to-day works and activities are application software.

Application software is very fast and reliable as well as provide an efficient way to do various tasks. These are further classified according to user needs such as:

1. General Purpose Application Softwares
General purpose software is the ones used by us to fulfill our common and general requirements. For example MS Excel, MS Word, Adobe Photoshop and Notepad etc. It is the package contains various apps that are used to fulfill our needs and are generally provided us by spending some money.
2. Special purpose Application Softwares
As the name tells it all, it is a software used for a special purpose in organizations and at various levels.

For example, Banking software which is used only for banking purpose. It can fulfill the needs of the bank to maintain transactions and records of their customers. and companies. 

You may now have got a clear insight about what actually a software is and how it is used, what are its different types and all the details.

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