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Oct 18, 2018

How to Start a New Business and 10 Businesses that you can start with just 1 lakh

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Top 10 Business Ideas
Well, everyone wants to be independent, lead an amazing life with all the amenities and enjoy life to the fullest. The youth often prefers a 9 to 5 job so as to reach this goal as they think that it is the
stipulated and straightway to get what they want and doesn’t need any extra timings. But the myth breaks when they face the real side and they are introduced to the real challenges of the job. 
Overtimes, Extra Working Hours, Aggression of the Bosses and Managers, Team Pressure, Deadlines and what not - a job introduces to all that. Many at this point start dreaming of setting up their own businesses and living an independent and carefree life. Also, there are people with family responsibilities who are unable to go to office daily and hence, think of alternatives to earn money from home but are confused about what they can do for the same.
Don’t worry readers!!! We are here to help and provide you with a list of 10 businesses that need a minimal an investment but yield greater profits. So, let’s begin.
10 Businesses that you can start with just $1500
Yes, you read it right !!! There are many businesses which just needs an investment of  $1500 only but can yield a huge profit.

(10) Food Catering Business
The simplest and most profitable business, the food catering business has become very popular in today’s era. Almost everyone is away from home and needs good and home-made food delivered to his/her doorstep. Also, each and every occasion like marriage, birthday parties, anniversaries etc. require healthy and good food with great taste. So, If you have extraordinary culinary services and everyone loves the food you make; Why not earn from it?
To get started you just need raw materials, a kitchen, few staff members and a budget for marketing (like distributing pamphlets and sticking bills) and you are done.

(9) Coaching Class
Do you like teaching students? And when you explain something, do people listen to you with interest? If the answer is Yes, then why not take coaching classes and start some earning. It just requires a small rented room in the beginning and if the earning flourishes, you can expand it according to your needs.
(8) Boardroom facilities
If you have an extra room in your home that is of no use to you, then why not rent it? You can give it on rent to different companies for board meetings, official parties, and presentations of formal kinds. Also, you can rent it to students who are away from home and need a place to live in the new city. You can earn great money if this business flourishes.

(7) Dressmaking
Popularly known as Tailoring, it is another home based small-scale business idea for a woman. But in order to start this business, all that you need is a sewing machine and skill set for making a dress.
That’s it! Once you win people’s trust and your business prospers, you will start earning tremendously and making huge profits.
(6) Florist Shop
Opening a flower shop is a great business idea in India as flowers are used everywhere and can bring customers of all categories to you. Every home or office needs flowers to adorn their small temple inside. Also, a temple without flowers is unimaginable.
Bouquets and flowers are required for every special occasion and garlands can never be ignored.

(5) Day Childcare
If you love children and are an expert in handling them, this is the best work for you. Today, when parents are very busy in their day-to-day schedule and work, the need for a responsible individual to look after their child has tremendously increased. It is this need that can give you earnings along with spending time quality time with the little ones. But for starting a daycare, you will have to attend classes and get a certification for clearing final inspection. Along with this, you will need adequate Space and Basic Facilities like Play yard, kitchen for snacks, fenced and protected area, clean bathrooms.
(4) Party Planning Services
Well, well, well. You just need to be creative and innovative and you are done - but you know, it's the main factor that will help grow your business. Party planning includes everything from catering to setting the right stage for the guests to have fun and if, you can do that - believe me you can do anything. This business has a vast scope and never-ending possibilities.

(3) Stationery Store
A stationery shop is the best investment you can make in business as it is related to education and obviously, stationery is required in each and every sector. Hence, once you start it; you will never have to look back.
(2) Salons
If you are an artist and have a zeal to beautify the looks of people, then opening a salon is what you must reach for because there is hardly any major investment in it. Your ideas can earn you a really big name and fame and also worthy and potential clients, hence making you wealthy and prosperous.

(1) Online store
Taking you already set up a business can earn you lots and lots of money. One of the common and highly observed businesses on the virtual platform is the online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, which are growing day-by-day. Believe it or not, it is the future of Marketing and hence, being a part of it will only open ways to a healthy and wealthy future. 

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With so many options out there, choose the right one for you; the one which you feel you can do with all your passion and energy and once decided, start working on it and see the results that these businesses will provide you along with minimum investment. Here I am suggesting you a list of best books which will help you to start a new business.

Hope you will start soon.