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Oct 22, 2018

If you want to be SUCCESSFUL, Remember these things

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How to Become Successful
Success doesn’t come in one night. You need to strive hard for it; you need to struggle, juggle and kick-off your ass in order to taste success.
We have so many successful people around us that inspire us, and we often think that Oh yes! I want the same this person has. But we often don't see the amount of pain the person has gone through and the efforts he/she has put to reach that position.

If you will observe closely, almost every successful person in this world has some common habits and follow a routine that makes all the difference. These healthy habits have given them the power and position at which they are today. We are here to tell you about some of the things that you need to just emboss religiously in your mind if you really, really want to be SUCCESSFUL.
1. Rise Early
Yes, just follow this morning routine without a second thought if you have a hunger for success. As the saying goes -
“Early to Bed and Early to rising, Makes a Man Healthy, Wealthy and Wise”. 
This is not in vain as the one who wakes up early adds more time to the day than the rest of the world. Hence, the chances of success become more as you get more productive hours and the focus in early morning hours is maximum.
2. Put Aside the Excuses
Making excuses is the thing that’s out of the dictionary of successful people. Most often people leave their goals just because of the difficulties they regularly face in their lives and are not able to strive through them. But remember-
“Leaving is never an Option if You want to be Successful”
Nobody has a perfect life and all of us are faced with occasional injustice and unfavorable conditions but using it as Motivation is the only key that will help you grow and move forward.

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3. Stick to Principles
No matter in whatever situation you are, never lose your principles as this is the only base of your existence. Your success is decided by how well you maintain yourself during tough situations. Let me give you an example, A person is standing with a cup of tea in his hand and another person mistakenly hits him. Now, what comes out of the cup? Obviously, the tea which is inside it. Similarly, “ During heartbreaking situations, whatever values- whether good or bad, you possess will only come outside ”.
And that’s why it is important to adhere to the principles because that is what matters the most.

4. Reason is important
Ever wondered what actually is the reason for which you are struggling so hard? If not, this is the first thing you need to do now itself because if you are not aware of what and why you are doing something, then you need to pause and rethink about your goal.

Take a pen and a diary and jolt the points of why you are striving so hard for your goal, what is your reason for pursuing it.

Have a clear vision and make a plan. Track your success daily and analyze what are the good and bad points.

In this way, you will be able to measure what is achieved and what is not.
5. Always Prepare for the Worst
The most important thing that you should be prepared with is how to deal with the worst situations if they come to you and bang you to the floor. You must know how to push them aside and rise back with greater power. This is essential because Quitting should never be an option. The only time when you should stop is after achieving your goal. 

6. Self-confidence

There is a famous quote -
“ If you believe you can, YOU CAN
If you believe you can’t, YOU CAN’T ”

Each and everything is the game of Self-confidence and it is the very vital force that can make you do it or lose it. Successful people are always filled with enormous energy and self-confidence
that gives them the strength to deal with any problem or hardships in their life.
7. Perseverance
Stickability should be the ultimate goal of your life if you want success that badly.
Nothing in this world can be achieved if you are not willing to stick to it as it is the principle of Stickability that has kept people moving forward and made them achieve what they desired in their lives.
Hence, Sticking to something you want is very important.

8. Taking Risks
Taking Risks is the vital principle that you need to follow if you want to succeed as Success never comes to those who follow the same path.

You sometimes need to go to “The Road Not Taken” because devising your own means and then following them can take you where you want.

Believing in oneself and taking Risks along with self-confidence are the keys to achieve anything you want in life.