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Christmas, the festival of joy, peace, and enthusiasm, is celebrated every year on 25th of December. It has its own history with many of the hidden facts and spiritual significance as well. Christmas is celebrated all around the globe and is considered as a cultural holiday for all the governmental and non-governmental places as well.

Christmas is shortened from its originated from which is "Christ's mass" or "mass on Christ's day". Christmas particularly signifies the joyous birth of Lord Jesus by God, Joseph (father) and Mary (mother) in Bethlehem. Even when the exact date of Jesus' birth was unknown between 7 and 2 B.C. It was estimated to be as 25th of December in the 4th century.

There is a story that defines the importance of the day, long ago nearly 2 millenniums when Jerod was the king of Judea(now Israel), God sent Gabriel, an angel to inform Mary, the to be the wife of Joseph about the birth of the son of god at their place. The angel said:  'Peace be with you! God has blessed you and is pleased with you.' and she also told her to call the son of God as Jesus.
Soon Joseph and Mary got married and lived in the part of Roman Empire and the Emperor wanted to have the list of people in his empire to ensure if the tax is paid or not. And so, he ordered everyone to return to the town from where their family originally belongs and have their entry in the census. For this, Mary and Joseph had to walk from Nazareth to Bethlehem, there were also many lucky people who could use donkeys to carry the goods for them. Joseph and Mary were slow-going because Mary was due to give birth to a child soon.
Finally, when two of them reached Bethlehem it became very difficult for them to find a place to reside as a huge population gathered there to register their names in the census. So, the only place they could find was with animals and this was the place where Mary gave birth to the son of God, Jesus.

Christmas is celebrated as the birth of Christ. Christmas was celebrated for the first time in the year 374. This celebration goes on for the next 12 days starting from 25 December till nearly 6th of January. The span marks between the birth of the Christ and goes on till the arrival of the three wise men. 
 Some families celebrate the feast for all the 12 days by planning some Christmas activities for each day but other just celebrate on 25th December and keep other days as usual business days. Christmas reminds people about the greatness of God in the form of Jesus. 
Christmas decorations include:
Christmas trees
Christmas lights
With the coming of this great festival all the houses and churches are cleaned and are littered with colorful lights. People decorate their homes and prepare the best feast for family and friends making it a cheerful gathering. There are many activities organized on the occasion which is enjoyed by all may be rich or poor.
Christmas trees made from fir trees are decorated with chocolates toys and lightning making it beautiful and attractive. Christmas Carols are sung this evening to make prayers to Lord Jesus to forgive them for their sins. Christmas eventually brings the whole family together with all the joyous moments.
It is very well said that – “The greatness of any culture can be found in its festival.” This festival is also celebrated by the non-Christians with cheerfulness and pleasure. The preparations for this day begin from the Advent which is four weeks before the Christmas and the celebrations move on till the 6th of January. This whole season is known as the Christmastide. People start greeting each other before Christmas as Happy Christmas, Merry Christmas, Subh Christmas and more. Many people lit the lamp to symbolize Jesus as the light of the whole world and also people cut cake to celebrate the birth of Jesus in some places. There are many countries around the globe where Christmas is celebrated in a unique way:
Though, Christmas is quite a small festival in India due to the lesser number of Christians compared to other religions. But the eagerness to understand each other’s religion within people shows the acceptance of every culture.

Festivals are to celebrate the togetherness and help to spend time with our near and dear ones. So, celebrate this winter season with light around you to give yourself the reasons to be positive. And, with the greatness of Lord Jesus celebrate this festival of love and togetherness with your friends and family.

“Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly Merry Christmas”

What is Cloud Computing?

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a term which often many people get confused with. Some think that it is something related to clouds(well thats something really very very funny) or weather and others think that it is related to computer(this is OK, at least). But it is neither single-handly but yes the combination of cloud and computing.

Using cloud computing, the services and software can be accessed and used from anywhere. It clearly means that if you want to access a software or service from anywhere in any part of the world, you can do it.
It is because every service and software is used is stored on the online storage known as Cloud so that everyone in need of it can access it at a minimal cost. This is basically the concept of Cloud computing.

Cloud computing simply relies on the concept of taking services(here, cloud services) and moving them outside an organization's firewall. Applications, storage, and other services are accessed via the Web in Cloud Computing. It is a very flexible and easy solution for anyone who is in real need of the software and services.

It solely relies on the concept of shared computing resources rather than having local servers or personal devices to handle applications. 
Cloud Computing is very vital and beneficial as it eliminates the headache of storing any software on a personal computer and also saves the cost of storage. Along with this, it saves the space of storage on local hard disk and helps inefficiently managing everything from the cloud space. There is an ample number of cloud app built to fulfill this specific purpose so that the local disk space can be saved.
This was about what Cloud Computing is. Now let us see what are the characteristics of Cloud computing and why it is so important.

Characteristics of Cloud Computing
Listed below are some of the most important characteristics of Cloud computing:
Provides On-demand self-service: Thats really cool because it means that customers can use a little cloud space as and when they require, and also this is free of cost. It clearly and simply means that cloud customers can sign up for, pay for and start using cloud resources very quickly on their own without help from a sales agent.
Internet access: Cloud computing ensures that Customers use the best cloud services via the Internet.
Resource pooling: It means many users at the same time is requesting for resources or the hardware devices present on the cloud.

Can be expanded very easily: Anyone using the cloud can request for more space and resource access.

Measured service: You only need to pay for the services you are using. 
Hence, Cloud computing is a very important topic and I have tried my best to make it clear to you.

Hope it helps!!!
Computer Networking & Types of Networking

Computer Networking & Types of Networking

What is a Computer Network?
A computer network is a network of computers connected together or grouped together so as to meet a common objective or for the purpose of sharing files and resources between the computers.

It is defined as a group of two or more computers linked together in an ordered or unordered fashion. It is the network of interconnected computers and there can be two or many computers connected together in a computer network.

More precisely, it can be defined as the network of two or more computers that are connected with one another for the purpose of communicating data electronically. 

A computer network can be of 2 types -
1) Simple Computer Network and
2)Complex Computer Network.
Simple Computer Network:
A group of two computers connected with each other for sharing resources and information is called a Simple Computer Network.

Complex Computer Network:
A group of more than two computers connected with each other for sharing resources and information is called a Complex Computer Network.

The term Computer Networking is used to define the networking activities done within a Computer Network. It is a term used when certain activities are performed within a network such as sharing files and resources for specific purposes.
Types of Computer Network
There are many types of Computer Network defined according to the size and area they cover.  Yes, Computer Networks is based on the Geographical span and the number of computers in the network.
There are many types of Computer Networks such as LAN, MAN, WAN, PAN, CAN, GAN, Internet, Internet, Intranet, Extranet, VPN, Client/Server, Workgroup and HomeGroup.

But here we will discuss in detail only about the major and important computer networks that are used primarily all over the world. These computer networks are as follows:
It stands for Large Area Network an is the most common network used for a small geographical area such as home, building, office, etc. Computers are placed relatively close in LAN. Computers in a LAN Network need no cables or special devices to connect each other as they span in a small area close to each other. In a LAN Network, the computers are geographically close together and at a small distance.

MAN stands for Metropolitan Area Network.  It is a network which connects two or more LAN networks within the same city. When there are larger distances i.e. In a scenario when computers at larger distances need to be connected to each other, then MAN is used instead of LAN. It is larger than LAN but smaller than WAN. It makes the use of special devices and cables to connect the LANs.
WAN stands for Wide Area Network. It is a computer network which spans over a large geographical area such as state, region, country etc. WANs are used when we need to connect two or more LANs or MANs which are located at very far off distance from each other. Again, to provide connectivity, WAN makes the use of special devices, cables, and technologies, etc.

Internet - the almighty term is the largest computer network ever created in history. It connects thousands and thousands of networks as well as other computing devices across the globe. It is the most advanced technology but also the most insecure network. It is because anyone can connect to it, hence making it unsafe and insecure. 
The small ‘i’ in internet has a special meaning.
This is a term coined to represent a group of the network which is connected with the external network through a gateway.

So, these were basically the most important networks that are majorly used all over the world to connect computers together.

Black Friday:Big Discount in Shopping on Black Friday

Black Friday:Big Discount in Shopping on Black Friday

black Friday online stores black Friday online ads

Hey! So welcome again to the newest article in which I am going to talk about the day the special day i.e. the day which arrives immediately after the Thanksgiving day of November - Black Friday.

November has just passed and in countries such as the United States and the UK, Black Friday has also gone. There is always a great hype about what actually Black Friday is and why the term is used such frequently among the people of US and UK.
Read on to know All about Black Friday…
Black Friday, as I said is the special day after the Thanksgiving Day. But now you may be wondering when does the Thanksgiving day come.

The Thanksgiving day this year was on 22nd November 2018 and hence when was Black Friday.

Yes, you guessed it right!!! It was on 23rd November 2018 - just a day after the Thanksgiving day. Now as we are clear about when Black Friday comes i.e the day, date and everything. Let us talk about what actually Black Friday is and what is its significance.
What is it, man?
Black Friday arrives immediately after the Thanksgiving Day and has gained importance among the masses. The term popularly came in use because just after the Thanksgiving day, everyone just
came out on Friday and thought - O Man!!! I think we should just go shopping.

And when basically everyone in a country thinks the same thing(which is obviously very rare), the market will be flooded with people and the crowd was such that it caused violence and jams all around.

But who introduced the name first?
C’mon, obviously a human being… Who else can!!!
The name was first introduced in 1966 by Earl Apfelbaum, a dealer in rare stamps. In his ad, he said, " 'Black Friday' is the name that the Philadelphia Police Department gave to the Friday following Thanksgiving Day. It is actually not a term of endearment for them, which obviously is not.
But is a term used to warn people to take care of themselves as well as their loved ones on this special Sales Day?

'Black Friday' officially opens the Christmas shopping season in the main center of the city and how exciting is that!!!

This day was thus, from then on penned as Black Friday.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Yes, obviously it is.
So, basically, we can say - Oh God!!! It is a Sales day. Let’s hurry and go to the market. Funny but interesting as well.

Jokes apart!!!
Black Friday is a very important day in the Christian Calendar and is given a vital place in the days of November. It is also called Sales day. 

Yup!!! Go to the Market and have fun.

You may be wondering that now we know everything about Black Friday but wait for we don’t.

Where’s the history?
It is important to the events related to Black Friday, is it?
Yes, it is. So read on to know everything in depth about Black Friday because it is actually important and very very interesting. Yes, yes!!! Believe me, it is very very interesting.

Here we go…
Major Events related to Black Friday has always given the police, headaches. Violence is a major problem and
has become so bad that according to the police, the day should be renamed as Black-eye Friday.
More important incidents:
Five people were injured in 2017 Black Friday violence. This incident forced an Alabama shopping mall to close.
Three people were shot in 2016 in separate mall incidents in New Jersey, Nevada, and Tennessee.

A very dark incident occurred in 2013 when Police shot a Chicago Kohl’s shoplifter as he fled in his car. The action was taken because the man was dragging an officer who was stuck halfway into the vehicle.

Two people were shot in 2012 outside of a Walmart in Tallahassee, Florida because both were fighting over a parking space.
Another important term that can be penned down is Cyber Monday.
Cyber Monday is always the Monday after Black Friday - and as the name suggests it's about the offers online. It was created by marketing companies to encourage people to shop online.

So, we can sum up as:
Traditionally, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving – an American holiday which falls on the fourth Thursday in November.
What is Phone Pe?  Refer & Earn in Phone Pe

What is Phone Pe? Refer & Earn in Phone Pe

Hey! Hey! Hey!
Here we are again, bringing and revealing to you another amazing online payment option and that is PhonePe.

The payment organization of PhonePe is Flipkart - the E-commerce giant of India. It is very easy to transfer payment through PhonePe. You can link bank accounts, transfer money, make bill payments, online recharges through PhonePe in a simple and convenient manner.
What actually is PhonePe?
PhonePe provides an online payment system based on Unified Payments Interface or UPI Interface, which is a new process in electronic funds transfer launched by National Payments Corporation of India(NPCI). As the government of India has launched, obviously it will be safe and secure.
send money online using my checking account,business transfer payments,transferring money from credit card to bank account online
Financial Express

Interesting Things that you should know about PhonePe
Since its launch, PhonePe has been on top in the choice for the online transactions. But do you know that there are many interesting things about PhonePe that everyone should know?

So, let’s get started with these:

1. India’s very first Payments App
It is an App developed by Indians only. Well, that’s a very proud feeling as the
app has earned the most popularly used app status in recent years.
2. Among India’s first UPI app
PhonePe is actually and solely based on the government-backed Unified Payment Interface (UPI) platform. But What is UPI? It is built over the IMPS (Immediate Payment Service) infrastructure.

IMPS allows you to transfer money between any two parties directly from bank accounts by using unique identifiers like mobile number or VPA (a unique payment address) thus making it effortless to transfer money online.

Also, The main and important advantage of IMPS is that this payment method works even in non-banking hours, unlike NEFT.
This makes it easy to send or receive money even in the non-banking hours.

3. Exchanging Bank Account Details - What is that?
With PhonePe, you don’t need to go through the lengthy process of giving the bank account details. While linking your bank account to your PhonePe app, all you need to do is share (and verify) your mobile number and bank name, and you are all set.
UPI will retrieve the account details from your bank over a secure network and that’s why it is hassle-free. But one thing to be kept in mind is that if the bank account you are using is not live with UPI, you cannot use it to the PhonePe app.

4. No need of Multiple Authentications
Yes, PhonePe allows sending money directly through the mobile number without asking for your debit or credit card details such as IFSC code or bank account number. Also with PhonePe, multiple authentications are not required.
transfer funds from credit card to bank account,send money using checking account instantly,transfer bank account to another person

5. Everything Made Easy
With PhonePe, everything from Bill Payments, Money Transfers to Recharges can be conveniently done and no extra effort is required.
You can pay your online bills, post-paid and utility bills anytime anywhere.

Along with these, you can transfer money to your near and dear ones easily through PhonePeAll these done just at the tap of your finger. Easy, isn’t it?
6. Safety and Security is what matters
The most important thing about any application is that the safety and security that it provides to its users. The users should always feel that their transactions are safe and secure for whichever app they use and PhonePe provides you exactly with that and keeps this trust. So, as we are clear that PhonePe is the best app through which we can transfer money online, make recharges and most importantly that we can trust the services by the app.

Now, let’s have a look at how we can earn money through PhonePe.
Refer and Earn Money through PhonePe
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Here are the steps through which we can earn money by referring friends on PhonePe

1. Download PhonePe App on your mobile

2. Now, Enter Your Unused Mobile Number

3. For the next step, Proceed With Entering M-Pin, Email Etc.

4. The next step is to link Your Bank Account in PhonePe App.
You just need to follow the steps below:

On PhonePe App >> Click On Bank Accounts >> Add New Bank Account >> Select The Bank

6. PhonePe will register the Bank Account on the same number

7. After PhonePe fetches the Bank account, you just have to Set Up The UPI PIN and Click on Confirm

8. As you will click on Confirm, You Will Get Rs.100 Cashback Instantly In PhonePe Wallet.
These are the simple and easy steps through which you can earn money by installing PhonePe in your phone and inviting your friends on the app.
What is Google Pay (Tez) & How to Refer and Earn in Google Pay?

What is Google Pay (Tez) & How to Refer and Earn in Google Pay?

How to use Google Pay How to use Tez. How to Earn money using Google Pay or Tez. How to transfer money using Google pay or Tez. Google Pay refer & earn program. How to transfer money online. How to recharge mobile online using Google Pay or Tez. How to pay online bill using Google Pay or Tez.

How to Refer and Earn in Google Pay
Google Pay is the most advanced and fastest payment method by Google which is used all over the world and is the most popular software to transfer money online.

It was initially released on September 11, 2015 (as Android Pay) and remodified on January 8, 2018 (as Google Pay). Firstly, it was known as Android Pay. Android Pay was launched by Google in September 2015 in the US and May 2016 in the UK. But Google wanted to do something different as it has always done.
So, finally, in February 2018, it introduced out an update to Android Pay and changed the name to Google Pay along with introducing some new functionalities, hence making the service more essential and easy to use.
Google Wallet, when combined with Android Pay along with inculcating its functionalities and services, has resulted in the introduction of Google Pay which has proven to be the easiest and convenient solution to transfer money online.

Now, let us have a detailed look at what Google Pay is and to use it to refer friends and earn money.
What is Google Pay?
A whole new payments method by Google which allows online payment for easy transfer of payments directly from one bank account to another. It is a one-stop solution for everything from vouchers, purchases, passes, payment methods and much much more.

The tech giant - Google is working on bringing Google Pay to all Google products and 
has also achieved success, so the happy news is: whether you’re shopping on Chrome or with Google Assistant or through any other platform, you’ll have a consistent checkout experience, using the cards saved to your Google Account.
Imagine how flexible it is for every one of us to efficiently and securely transfer money online; All thanks to Google. Google Pay allows you to send and receive money at zero fees. Yes that’s very true - you don’t have to pay anything extra for sending money to
someone unlike on other untrusted and inconvenient online payment platforms.

And the best part is the money is sent or received straight away in your bank account. Easy?
Yes, obviously it is. Easy and convenient as well.

Now, you must have heard about Tez and must have often wondered what actually it is and how it is related to Google Pay
Don’t worry and there is no point of getting confused as we are here to tell what Tez is. Tez is an online payment service under Google Pay launched exclusively in India for ease of online payments and since its launch, has consistently been adding
new functionalities and several different payment methods in the Tez app.
When Tez was launched, it was largely aimed at bank-based payments but Google soon added bill and utility payments to the service. But now it is a complete solution for online payments and has emerged as the most sought out option to transfer and pay
money online.

This was all about Google Pay and Tez and how it has evolved.
So, are you excited to earn money?
Well, who isn’t…
We are here to tell you a simple method to earn a few bucks and that simple method is referring to friends on Tez and earning money. Excited, are you?
Ok, let us have a look at how can you refer friends on Tez and earn money easily.
Refer and Earn on Tez
To quickly earn money through Tez Payment app, follow the steps given below:

● Simply, you need to register your phone number which is linked to your bank account

● Now, Add your bank account

● Click on “Pay using the phone or account number, QR or UPI ID or any other option” Tap on “Invite Friends to Tez” given at the bottom section of the app

● Share your referral link using WhatsApp, Messenger or any other messaging platform.

● If your friends install Tez App from your link and make their first payment, you will earn ₹51 too.
Free bucks… Yeah!!!
That’s very simple!
(Note: Earning amount may be increase or decrease)
So, there’s no point of wasting time. Install the Tez App now to earn money by referring friends along with getting amazing promotions and offers in your app.